2020-03-20 16:56:00

Naša škola nagrađena je eTwinning School Label 2020-2021

S ponosom objavljujemo dopis koji nam je stigao od eTwinning Teama:

Dear Petrunjela Krajačić and Sanja Kovačević
Congratulations! Your school has been awarded with the eTwinning School Label 2020-2021 and this is a great achievement by the eTwinning team in your school!

The official announcement will be made on the eTwinning.net Portal this week and on other eTwinning and European Commission's news channels.

What's next

  • You can proudly use the eTwinning School Label (here attached) on your school's website.
  • Shortly, we will send you a package containing some eTwinning materials and of course the eTwinning School plaque.
  • You will be invited to participate in the eTwinning Schools' Group and in the various activities dedicated to eTwinning Schools.
  • To stay updated on the news and activities of the eTwinning Schools Group, please sign up to the mailing list: https://groups.etwinning.net/68026/pages/page/413133

Congratulations again for being an example for all the other schools: we count on your dedication and commitment to promote eTwinning and its values, which are represented by the eTwinning Schools' mission which you can download here: https://www.etwinning.net/files/etwinningschool/etwinning_school_mission.pdf.

The eTwinning Team

Osnovna škola Augusta Šenoe Zagreb